Friday, 10 February 2017

This year Valentine's Day is turning into one big party.

Being single, Valentine's Day is usually a quiet event for me. It's still a day that's hard to ignore though, so this year I decided to throw myself into a few Valentine events designed for book lovers. In particular, lovers of romance.

I'm participating in three events, the first begins today. It's the Romance Studios Valentines Day Party. the event runs from midnight on the 10th Feb to midnight on 14th Feb. Numerous authors are participating, including me, and there will be an abundance of romance based giveaways. So rock on over to The Romance Studio at check out the posts, enter the major prize draw and interact with authors you know and connect with some new to you ones.

The next event, well not really an event but a freebie offer, that I'm involved in is the Books Go Social Romance Writers group giveaway.
I've teamed up with three other authors from the group to give away a free book to anyone who wants to try before they buy. The free ebook offer runs from Feb 13th to 19th through instafreebie. I'll be posting blurbs from each book and the links to get your freebie on the 13th Feb, so stay tuned.

Finally there is a Valentine's Day Blast organized by Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours. The blast highlights loads of romance books from differing genre's so you can browse to find the perfect book for you and there's also a giveaway that I'm sure you'll love. I'll be posting specific details on  Valentine's Day, as will a load of other bloggers. So keep an eye on my blog for more details.

I hope you get involved in some of these Valentine's Day treats, and that however you celebrate it, you have a romantic Valentine's Day with either your real life love of a fabulous new book boyfriend. :)

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